Wednesday, August 29

This trick is working successfully for last two years and also working in this year, 2014 with New updation....

I have been using Google AdSense to monetize my blogs and websites for as long as I remember. In fact it was the first method I ever tried (I made a whooping $100 on my first month… in Aug, 2010). Over the years I migrated to other methods (e.g., direct sponsors and affiliate marketing), which made AdSense become merely an inventory filler. 

And Now some months ago I Invented a Unique Algorithm by Using Google Analytic Code and Google Adsense Code for Generating High Traffic to my Respective Sites and Blogs and noticed an upward trend on the CPC of my sites, and Now my Earning Reached around $2,406 monthly from it (this is my Last Month Earning). 

Today every one can Earn High From Google Adsense by using my Algorithm by which CPC and Page Impression come to get Sound of money in you Account. Ya, I am going to public my method that I generated but need some things to Accomplish the Earning Starting $300 Minimum from the First month. It will be the Minimum One and if you want to Earn more from that I will also Tell you Some Tips of that. 100% Guaranteed and Workable Method.

Please Find the Requirement for Earning High From your Websites. 
1 Domain only .com (no other Extension)
1 Hosting on Reputed Server can be Capable to avail Traffic (No Free Hosting)
1 AdSense Account (Fresh Without using anywhere)
Website will be Blank I will do the Coding
Cpanel Details to upload things
1 Analytics Google Account (Fresh)

I Want tell you in Brief How it will Work one tool will uploaded on your website but that is not hacking tool 100% safe for you and other sites. It will only use other site popup windows to show your adsense ads and Analytics code calculation will generate Impression for you Adsense Account hence your Ads will be Publish on other sites popup Networks and Impression will be generated here with Analytics so that you clicks can be count Genuine to Avoid Fraud Clicking and your CPC can be calculated with Impression and as Result Revenue will Generated in Your Adsense Account. This How It will Work. No Risk of Suspending Account.

One Month Trail Package  

Full Version for One Domain With Tool's License till Domain age (Encrypted).

Buying this whole Method with Editable Code and License 

Send me your Contact Details with Transaction ID and Requirement Details Mentioned Above on 
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